Shots Fired! AJ Styles Crosses The Line


Did I just make a TNA Wrestling reference? Dang it! 


During the intermission of the NJPW Road To Invasion Attack show from Korakuen Hall on April 2nd, AJ Styles cut a scathing promo on his Invasion Attack opponent, Kota Ibushi.

However, Ibushi wasn’t Styles’s only target. During the promo, Styles made some wild allegations about DDT’s Yoshihiko. AJ stated that while Ibushi was out wrestling “those little fake dolls,” preparing for his IWGP championship match, AJ was in the gym training like a real wrestler. FAKE DOLLS! How dare you! Yoshihiko is a competitor. Yoshihiko has taken guys like Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega to the limit, and beyond. Yoshihiko is a former Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion, and so is a ladder, but that’s beside the point. Have you ever been an Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion, AJ Styles? I didn’t think so. 


AJ Styles didn’t stop there. He went on to defame Yoshihiko, calling him/her/it a dummie. SLANDER! You’d better lawyer up, AJ, defamation is no laughing matter! 

The only dummie I see around here is the one that you’ll be sucking on like a baby after Ibushi takes away your precious IWGP Heavyweight Championship at Invasion Atack!


You always like to say “It’s real, It’s real,” like you’re Kurt Angle or something. Well, you know what AJ Styles, you’re REALLY going eat your words when Kota Ibushi kicks the dummie out of you at Invasion Attack on April 5th, live on NJPW World!

Here’s hoping Yoshihiko makes a surprise appearance and corners Kota Ibushi. If Kenny Omega is then in AJ Styles’s corner, I’m going to lose my s#%t. 

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