Best Wrestler Ever (This Week): Akira Tozawa


Usually when I choose a BWE(TW), my choice is based on a great match I’ve just seen the chosen wrestler have, or a culmination of great matches over time. In Akira Tozawa’s case, match quality is not the discerning factor in his becoming BWE (TW). That’s not to say his matches aren’t good. They are. In fact, often times they’re great. I particularly love Tozawa’s bridging delayed German suplex finisher, where his opponent has to suffer the torture of knowing the end is coming and there being nothing that can be done about it. However, Tozawa is the best wrestler this week on account of his personality, and his remarkable knack for not taking himself too seriously.

Case in point, Tozawa faced the spectacular high flyer Flamita on March 24 in a match for Tozawa’s Open the Brave Gate Title. The match was very good, but that’s beside the point. Tozawa’s signature entrance involves him running up the turnbuckles and standing one foot on the top turnbuckle, and one foot on the ringpost, and then doing a pose which involves a DDP Yoga style leg stretch before jumping back down into the ring. Tozawa has done this a million times. Sadly/Hilariously, this time when Tozawa put his foot down on the ringpost, he slipped and came crashing down to the outside floor, clipping the ring apron along the way. Like a pro, and because it probably hurt like hell, Tozawa sold the fall immediately. Now, often when one publicly embarrasses him or herself, they try to downplay the incident and move on from it as fast as possible, and hope that as few people as possible noticed. Not Tozawa!  Not one to be afraid to make fun of himself, Tozawa tweeted a video of the fall, backed by a hilariously funny dramatic musical score, which you can find here.

The greatness of Tozawa’s sense of humour doesn’t stop there. Alongside Shinsuke Nakamura and Karl Anderson, Akira Tozawa is the King of Vine.

His videos are absurdly fun, and often showcase his amazing friendship with Uhaa Nation. Watching his videos makes me wish I had a friendship with someone as special as theirs.

Well, maybe not that special.

You can follow Akira Tozawa on Twitter @TozawaAkira, and on Vine here.