It’s Better If You Watch This: Masato Tanaka vs. Shingo Takagi


Here’s a match I never knew I wanted but have always needed. On March 21, Zero-1’s Masato Tanaka and Dragon Gate’s Shingo Takagi faced off in what is many a Japanese pro wrestling fan’s dream match. The match took place outdoors on the concisely titled 12th Dedication Pro-Wrestling Yamato Shinshu Chikara Matsuri World War II 70th Anniversary Memorial Show, or 12thDPWYSCMWWII70thAMS for short.

The match is ostensibly hard-hitting, and includes about as many lariats, sliding lariats, Sliding D’s, and Made in Japans as you’d expect from these two bruisers. The last five or so minutes is especially fantastic!


Masato Tanaka vs. Shingo Takagi (ZERO1) by JAHMAL1111