NJPW SHORTxSHORT #19: Girl Talk Part II: Girler Talk


Welcome, Puropals, to another NJPW World SHORT x SHORT recap. Regularly on NJPW World, a short video, usually one or two minutes, is released which shows us a glimpse of what New Japan’s stars (more recently Young Lions) are up to outside the ring. Episode #019 can be found here (NJPW World Subscribers Only).

On the last SHORTxSHORT, Young Lions Sho Tanaka and Yohei Komatsu sat down for some girl talk, as in they talked about girls. This week, the girl talk continues, and it gets even girler.

Screencap wise, this was not a very exciting video. For the entire time, Komatsu and Tanaka are just sitting in the dojo talking about girls and relationships, and at the end, Tanahashi makes his usual cameo.

However, the details of the conversation are a little more interesting. The conversation mostly focuses on Tanaka and his ideas about relationships, with Komatsu skillfully making things weird at the end. Like, Johnny Curtis weird.

First, Tanaka lists off a couple more characteristics he likes in a girl, which are common sense and beautiful writing. Geez, getting a bit specific there, Tanaka. And the beautiful writing, I assume he means handwriting, rules me right out.

Komatsu then asks Tanaka how long it’s been since he’s been in a relationship. Tanaka says he hasn’t had any girfriends since university. Tanaka is about 25 years old now, so I’d say it’s been a few years at least since he’s been in a relationship. Not sure if that’s sad or if I’m envious. Married life. Am I right, guys?

Now, I’m not sure if they mention this or if it’s my wife’s opinion, but she used the phrase “Herbivore Boy” regarding Sho Tanaka. Herbivore Men was a buzzword in Japan around 2008-2009. It’s used to describe a cultural phenomenon in Japan in which men are not interested in girlfriends or relationships. Tanaka seems to fall into that category. It’s apparently even been attributed to Japan’s declining birth rate. Interesting stuff.

Moving on, Tanaka then compares getting a girlfriend to a game. Specifically, it’s like the boss stage of a game. I guess the girlfriend is the boss character. That makes Tanaka the game’s main character. That means…ok I’m lost on this analogy. Any help?

Finally, in fantastic “let’s make things weird” fashion, Komatsu then says that he thinks Tanaka is “big.” Um, I’ll let you interpret that in whichever way you deem appropriate.

It’s his penis.

Oh yeah, then Tanahashi makes a cameo. It’s interesting how both guys stood up for Tanahashi when he entered the room. Some traditions are still going strong. 

On that note, in lieu of interesting screencaps from this episode, here’s some more great artwork from the ever talented (and demanding) Tapla.

Sorry for any bad spelling this week. I posted this on my phone as I’m currently holidaying without my computer.