Team Yohei Needs You!


New Japan Best of Super Juniors opening night in Korakuen Hall. Young Lion Yohei Komatsu faces Jushin Thunder Liger in the opening match of the tournament. Before Liger can even remove his magical cape, Komatsu, like a ball of Young Lion energy and enthusiasm, dropkicks Liger from behind, getting the jump on the New Japan legend.

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The match continues at a blistering pace with Liger regaining control after Komatsu’s early onslaught. Liger punishes Komatsu and looks to have the match in the bag, but the youthful Komatsu once again channels his explosive energy and fires back at Liger, getting some very, very tense nearfalls. Enraged, Liger devastates Komatsu with his signature Shotei palm thrust.  With the Young Lion down and out, Liger  makes the pin, thinking that his unexpectedly challenging opening match is over. But, Yohei kicks out! The Young Lion still has some fight left in him. Shocked, the veteran thinks quickly and nails Komatsu with a second Shotei, surely putting an end to the feisty rookie once and for all. Once again, Komatsu kicks out at two. It’s there. Right there. That’s the moment when I though to myself, “My word! Yohei’s going to do it, isn’t he? Yohei is going to get his first major singles victory, and it’s going to be against Liger!”

I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation, ready to jump up and down in gleeful rapture as Yohei pulls off the upset win. Liger then destroys Komatsu with a brainbuster. Komatsu is defeated, and my heart is broken. It was at that moment that I had another thought. This one however, was a dark, menacing thought. A quiet, wicked voice in my head told me that Yohei Komatsu isn’t going to win a single match of the Best of Super Juniors tournament. He’s going to be Junior version of Tomoaki Honma in the G1. His matches are going to be some of the most exciting of the tournament. Each time he’s in the ring, he’s going to make me truly believe he can do it. That he can get his first major singles win. And every time he’s going to lose, and my heart will break again, and again, and again.

Yet my loyalty and devotion to Team Yohei will not waver. I will tragically follow Yohei Komatsu all the way to the end of the Best of Super Juniors tournament, and beyond. I will figuratively be there by his side, sharing Yohei’s feeling of heartbreak after each crushing defeat like it is my own. At the time of writing, Yohei Komatsu is 0-3 in the tournament. With your help, we can change that zero into a juicy, satisfying one.

Who’s with me? Who’s up for a journey into misery and heartbreak? Team Yohei needs your support. I need your support. Join Team Yohei. It’ll bring you nothing but sadness. Beautiful, harrowing sadness.