Wrestling With Movies Podcast Episode 2: Wrestling With Suburban Commando

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Earthlings. I hate earthlings, except for you guys. You’re A-OK!

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On this episode I’m joined by Mark Anthony (@AnsoniiSan) to discuss the cinematic masterpiece that is 1991’s Suburban Commando. A film I am entirely convinced was made by babies.


A couple of interesting notes that didn’t make the show:

  • A videogame adaptation of the film was released a baffling two years after the movie premiered. It was only released on the Amiga, Commodore 64 and DOS. No Sega or Nintendo, which explains why I never played it. The opening theme for this episode is the game’s intro music.

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  • For collectors of unnecessary things, an alien General Suitor model kit was also released. Sorry, no frozen Charlie Wilcox figures were produced.


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