What To Expect When Expecting To Watch DDT Part 1: Whatever The F**k DJ Nira Is


What To Expect When Expecting To Watch DDT was originally going to be a single story on some of the weird and wonderful things you will see when you watch a DDT event. When I was jotting down my ideas, I realised there was simply too much DDT greatness to fit into a single story. For that reason, so I’ve decided to make it a series which which I will intend to regularly update over the next few weeks, or years, depending on life and stuff. What that said, please enjoy part one on DJ Nira.

DJ Nira is a wrestler(?) on the DDT roster. He carries an umbrella and wears a mask. Not a lucha mask, the kind of mask you wear to prevent getting sick, or to prevent others from catching whatever gross virus you’ve got. Also, he’s very susceptible to, well, everything. He does, however, have one of the best leg submissions in the game.

That’s more or less what I’ve figured out just by watching DDT. I’m honestly not completely sure what DJ Nira is suppposed to be. Is he homeless? Diseased? Drunk? Brain damaged? Lost? Is he even a real DJ? In my quest for answers, I took to Twitter, where everyone knows everything and is always right. I posed the question: What is DJ Nira? The most common response was “HE’S DJ NIRA!” Thanks for clearing that up, Twitter. In the end, it was @NatsuDDT who put it best, explaining that DJ Nira has a weak body, and his bones will break if he takes a bump. But most importantly, he brings a smile to my face every time I see him perform. he may (absolutely certainly without a doubt) not put on a classic five-star match, but he will give you a five-star laugh. 

@TheKoalaMask His finisher (the Rocket Punch) is the most devastating move I’ve ever seen! 😠 pic.twitter.com/J66eKmvjNu — Comedy Wrestling 😀 (@NatsuDDT) June 21, 2015