What To Expect When Expecting To Watch DDT Part 2: TOKYOOOO


DDT is weird, OK? But it’s the best possible weird. The purpose of What To Expect When Expecting To Watch DDT is to give newcomers to the wonderful world of Dramatic Dream Team a little idea of what they can expect to see on any given show. If you’re already a DDT fan, you know what I’m talking about.

Be warned. When you watch a DDT show, you’re more than likely going to come across a man named Kazuki Hirata. The thing about Hirata is he likes to dance. In fact, it’s possible he’s the greatest dancer alive today. He was head and head with Michael Jackson for a while, but has long since surpassed the King of Pop. Unfortunately, it’s rare that we ever get to see Hirata complete his dance performance from start to finish. It’s often rudely interrupted by lesser talented wrestlers who often attempt and butcher the dance when they try it themselves. They just don’t get it. They think it looks like a simple dance, but it really takes a master performer like Hirata to pull it off.


Accompanying his innovative dancing is arguably the greatest theme music in the history of the biz: TOKYO GO. Jim Johnston probably kicks himself every time he hears it, wishing he came up with it first.

Hirata is also a member of T2Hide. I think. His fellow members, Toru Owashi and Sanshiro Takagi aren’t very nice to him. They’re probably just jealous of his dancing skills and custom-made light up Tokyo Go glasses.

Don’t be fooled. While Hirata may seem like a regular old ridiculously talented dancing wrestler, he’s not afraid to get physical when the moment calls for it.