Wrestling With Movies Podcast Episode 4: Wrestling With The Princess Bride

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On this episode I am joined by Matt (@sohart_) to discuss a movie that is very dear to the both of us, The Princess Bride, which features the late, great Andre The Giant as the One Man Brute Squad, Fezzik. I had an absolute blast talking with Matt about a movie that we both love to death and watch fairly regularly. Be warned though, it’s a longy (nearly two hours!).

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Some notes:

  • We didn’t mention this on the show, but when the Princess Bride came out in 1987, the studio had a lot of trouble promoting it. They simply didn’t know how to, and in the end came up with a movie poster that doesn’t really do the movie justice:


  • I mean it’s very pretty, but it doesn’t quite capture the movie’s essence. On the other hand, the Italian poster is just bonkers amazing. It also misses the mark, but in the best of ways:


Inigo The Barbarian?

  • Enjoy the show, and have fun storming the castle! Please bring me back something.

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