Go Fund This: The Great Sasuke Documentary


A new IndieGoGo campaign has launched looking for funding for The Great Sasuke Documentary. AND IT LOOKS AMAZING! Puropals, this is something we must fund! I’m usually a bit hesitant about crowdfunding projects, but after watching the trailer and the video message by filmmaker Mikiko Sasaki, this is a project I can get behind.

The Great Sasuke is a fascinating pro wrestler who has led an incredibly interesting life. He founded Michinoku Pro in 1993 which focused on a more lucha libre style of wrestling. He’s also had a  stint in politics as a legislator in the Iwate prefecture, all while wearing his mask!

The filmmakers have been following The Great Sasuke for the past five years and have almost completed the film. They are just looking for funding so that they can get the rights to use some historical footage of The Great Sasuke, which is very expensive, and put the finishing touches on the audio mix and colour correction. Wait, why am I telling you this? Here, watch the video:

There are some pretty neat perks depending on how much you wish to donate, including a DVD of the documentary; a T-Shirt; a poster: a combination of all these things; and also some higher tier stuff like a thanks in the credits, tickets to the premier and even a producer credit. Personally, I’m going for the DVD, though a T-Shirt sounds pretty neat too!

You can find the campaign on IndieGoGo here.


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