J-Shoot Podcast Episode 35: DDT Everything


  • Hey, puropals! Welcome to another episode of J-Shoot, the show all about Japanese professional wrestling. You can listen to us right here, or on iTunes or Soundcloud. Maybe leave a nice review while you’re at it, eh? Like, a real nice one. Like, real real nice.
  • On this ep, Zach and Bonski catch up on everything DDT. They discuss the highlights of the DDT Beer Garden shows, and review DDT Ryogoku Peter Pan 2015. Also lots of news from the world of Japanese wrestling. Thanks for everyone who sent in questions this week! But sorry we didn’t have time to answer any. Next week! Maybe!
  • This week’s theme music is HARASHIMA’s because his is the only DDT music we have.
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  • Be the Wind and Take that Dream!