Podcast: The Feeny Call Episode 1 – Pilot


Hey Feenyfiers…Feenburgers…Feenholes…Feenfifums! Sorry I still haven’t come up with a group name for The Feeny Call podcast listeners. Give me a break! It’s only the first episode!

Anyhowdy, welcome to first episode of The Feeny Call: The no kissy just talky Boy Meets World podcast, hosted by Mark and Zach. On the debut episode, Mark and Zach discuss the first two episodes of the TV series Boy Meets World. Mark is a lifelong Boy Meets World watcher, having seen every episode of the series multiple times, or at least once. Zach, on the other hand, is brand new to the world of Boy Meets World, seeing it now, just for this podcast, for the first time in his life, 15 years after final episode of the series aired. Better late than never!

Enjoy the first episode now on Soundcloud, and soon on iTunes! Leave a review if you’ve got the time, or don’t. I don’t give two sts! Sorry I’m just trying to sound cool. I really do give all the sts. A nice review would be super neat!

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