J-Shoot Podcast Episode 37: NJPW Destruction(s)


  • Hey, puropals! Welcome to another episode of J-Shoot, the show all about Japanese professional wrestling. You can listen to us right here, or on iTunes or Soundcloud. Maybe leave a nice review while you’re at it, eh? Like, a real nice one. Like, real real nice.
  • On this ep, Zach and Bonski review NJPW Destructions in Okayama and Kobe. Now, Zach did mention on this episode that there would be a second show coming out the same week as this show covering a whole bunch of matches and shows from here and there, BUT due to some technical issues when recording, that second show is never going to see the light of day. I’m not going to name any names or throw anyone under the bus, but it was totally Bonski’s fault! BONSKI!!! You’re going to get so many Saki Akai related tweets because of this. Anywho, sorry about the sound quality of this ep. Everything shall be back to normal for for the next one.
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