MOVIE: The Tour: Blunder Down Under


Guys, did you know there was an Australian mockumentary about an aboriginal wrestling promoter who is awful at his job and features international wrestling superstars such as Gene Snitsky, Chris Masters, Carlito, Rob ‘The Ironman’ Conway, Nick ‘Eugene’ Dinsmore and Ali Vaez? You didn’t? Well, me neither until a couple of days ago.

The film is made in the style of Spinal Tap, but with more wrestlers. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a great film, though I personally loved it. It’s very Australian, very weird, at times uneven, and I’m assuming shot on a shoestring budget, but ultimately it’s a very fun watch. It’s also surprisingly heartwarming in the end.

The Tour is currently streaming on SBS On Demand, but for a short time only, so I encourage you to check it out now while you can! If anything, you’ll get a kick out of watching some former WWE Superstars doing a live show inside a Chinese restaurant in Australia. Also Gene “Stinksky” pooping.