Wrestling Observer Exclusive: The Man, The Mentor: The Miz


Straight up, I’ve never particularly cared for The Miz. I’ve never outright disliked him, but I just haven’t been captivated by many of his performances. As a guy who’s into wrestler’s wrestlers (Daniel Bryan, Katsuyori Shibata), I find The Miz as an in ring performer, well, kind of boring. Not saying he’s a bad wrestler. He’s not. He’s perfectly fine. Just don’t ask him to catch anyone.

The Miz’s (Miz’z? Miz’? Mizzez?) real strength from day one has been his mic work. The guy can talk. Fact! Well, it’s an opinion, but most wouldn’t disagree. Would you? He’s ’The Miz with the Mouth,’ as opposed to that other, mouthless The Miz (Deadpool reference – Check!). He’s talked his way, ever so briefly, and what feels like a lifetime ago, to the top of the WWE. He’s a former WWE Champion who’s headlined WrestleMania. Not bad for a guy who used to imitate The Rock on The Real World.

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