Wrestling Observer Exclusive: Stable Money


There are some areas in which WWE simply can’t be outdone like production values and mainstream exposure. They’re the biggest wrestling company in the world and it shows. But when it comes to areas like creativity, in-ring product, and even promos, they find themselves on a level playing field. In those three aforementioned areas, WWE is being outperformed by companies like NJPW, ROH, and DDT*.

*(Yes, DDT. Have you seen a Super Sasadango Machine Powerpoint, or an Antonio Honda match? The creativity and personality coming out of DDT is fantastic.)

One area WWE is doing poorly in is creating popular and marketable stables.

Take a look at this current linup:

  • The Wyatt Family, which is really just a vehicle for Bray Wyatt (and more recently Braun Strowman) — a vehicle WWE is driving off a cliff.
  • The #Social Outcasts who are answering the question of what happens when you put four talented jobbers in a group? You get a group of talented jobbers.
  • The League of Nations, a group that actually has a ton of potential. While four foreigners/outsiders that are the top heels of the company all together sounds good at first. The problem is they’ve all been booked so poorly for so long that nobody cares about them anymore. Sewing them together isn’t going erase years of terrible booking.

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