Wrestling Observer Exclusive: Making a Monster – The Lucha Underground Debut of Matanza

After a 2 season build, The Monster Matanza Cueto finally debuted on Lucha Underground! And he did not disappoint. Lucha Underground shows that the art of the debut is not lost, though if you watch WWE you might think it was.


Aztec Warfare II was a historic night for Lucha Underground. Not only was a new champion crowned, but the most over monster in professional wrestling today was born: The Monster Matanza Cueto. But Matanza wasn’t an overnight success. His debut was slowly and masterfully planned and executed over the course of two seasons of Lucha Underground, culminating in his surprise No. 21 entry into the Aztec Warfare match.

Aiding my phenomenally fuzzy memory, I went back through Lucha Underground TV reports and put together a timeline of Matanza from his first mention in season 1 to his debut and crowning moment in Aztec Warfare II.

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