Koala Mask The Comic

Koala Mask is a comic I’ve been working on for quite a while now. The idea was for it to be a series about a young,  aspiring wrestler with the face of a koala and his journey to becoming the INTERGALACTIC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! Or something like that. He’s joined along the way by his slightly overweight best friend, and also pretty good grappler, Archie. On their galaxy hopping journey they run into all sorts of weird and wacky wrestlers, adventures, and maybe even a mystery or two.

Unfortunately, my artist has pulled out of the project due to “reasons”. What you see below is the first 11 pages of the first draft of what was supposed to be the first issue of the series.

Although I have no artist, I haven’t given up on Koala Mask.  I’m continually working on the series, coming up with new characters and directions. I’ve got the first arc/chapter outlined and the first few issues already written.

I’m now looking for someone to help me keep the dream alive. I need an artist who’d like to join me in the creation of Koala Mask. If you love making comics (and pro-wrestling), hit me up at zachariahdom@gmail.com. Straight up though, this is the definition of a passion project. The only money to be made would be after the comic is released. Of course that is the goal!


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