Grindhouse Wrestling 3.3 “The Luchas Strike Back”: FULL VIDEO


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AJ Istria: Q&A With The Champion of Australian Wrestling

Pro wrestling Champion of Australia AJ Istria talks fitness, compares Australian and Japanese wrestling, who to look out for on the Australian wrestling scene, and much more! Check it out!

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Live Wrestling: PROWL Wrestling Slamageddon

prowl slamageddon

-If you’re in Brisbane on September 20 and want to see some great wrestling action, go to PROWL Wrestling Slamageddon at the Cleveland Assembly Hall. Tickets only $10! With a poster like that, it’s got to be a great show!

-Check out my interview with Mystery done shortly before here became PROWL Heavyweight champion.

-From the PROWL Facebook page:

High-voltage cruiserweights, bone-crushing big men and beautiful women can all be found in the jungles of PROWL Wrestling!

September sees us return to the spacious and more comfortable Cleveland Assembly Hall. Many memorable matches have taken place there, and we look to continue the trend!

Food and drink available. Tickets just $10!


Mystery (C) vs. Alexi Papadopolous for the PROWL Heavyweight Title

On Saturday, May 31st, the Mystery era officially began. In what went down as one of the best matches ever presented by PROWL Wrestling, both former champion “Showtime” Jake Nova and Mystery put on a masterful display of high-intensity wrestling, culminating in Nova’s long title run coming to a close.

But, like anything in pro wrestling, there’s always someone waiting in the wings to spoil the festivities. PROWL Wrestling had already accepted the challenge of The Office’s Alexi Papadopoulos – the holder of the Contenders Cup – to be the first challenger to whomever was victorious on May 31’s PROWL-A-PALOOZA. However, the spokesperson for The Office – Jordan James – and Alexi decided to take the cheap path by cashing in the cup right after Mystery’s epic encounter, that left the masked man battered, bloodied and bruised.

It seemed like Mystery’s long journey to the PROWL Heavyweight Title was going to be snuffed out instantaneously by The Office, only for the former Hulk Champion Rip Reilly – who had to forfeit the title to James due to injury – made the save.

Thus, the match is still in place for SLAM-A-GEDDON, as PROWL returns to Cleveland. PROWL vs. The Office – Mystery against Alexi Papadopolous. Before, it was title versus career. Now, it’s champion versus champion!


Replacing our originally scheduled triple threat match will be a big Gauntlet bout, with the winner to get a shot at the Contenders Cup. Plenty is on the line in this one.

Participants include: Renegade, Sam Richards, King Koala, Lynx & El Rikochet!


One would think the former champ would get a break and have an easier match. But in PROWL, it’s all hands on deck each and every time, and this will be no exception. The man who held the PROWL Heavyweight Title for over sixteen months – “Showtime” Jake Nova ” – and a man who has been with this company since day one, takes on a new face in the jungle.

“Spaceman” Jason Dacey!

Coming to us from New South Wales, Spaceman will make his first appearance in PROWL. A highly accomplished athlete, he has competed all across the country and internationally. He might be new to PROWL fans, but there’s no question how big a challenge this will be for Nova.


The triumvirate of JL Gold, Jeremy Cruise and Catherine Mynx have been on a roll lately. Since this all came together, they have been undefeated. Now, a new challenge awaits, and this is a blast from the past for JL Gold; his former tag partner, Nate Gears.

Originally forming the Golden Gears tandem when they first began their wrestling journey, Gears took some time away from the ring. Since that time, JL has embarked on singles and tag competition for a number of companies both here and interstate. But JL has done so with a cocky and arrogant attitude, with no respect for his opponents. Pairing with the ‘Goldigger’ Catherine Mynx and the equally rude Jeremy Cruise hasn’t endeared him very well to the fans.

With SLAM-A-GEDDON approaching, Nate Gears contacted PROWL about making an appearance, possibly a one-night-only opportunity to confront his former partner about his attitude.Teaming with Nate on this occasion will be the masked Astroshock, who has had his issues with the Swag Nation as of late.

Will JL learn something and listen to his former friend, or will the lure of SWAG be too much for Nate to handle?

Mystery/Turbo Wolverine: Q&A with a Mysterious Masked Man

Mysterious masked wrestler talks wrestling, mysterious islands and what the future holds.

by Zach Dominello

I had the pleasure of meeting Mystery at UPW Paragon back in April. After a fantastic performance in a 10-Man Gauntlet match, Mystery agreed to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions. We talked about indy wrestling in Australia, mysterious islands and what’s next for the mysterious masked man.


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Benny Factor: Q&A With Australian Wrestling’s Wow Factor


Up and coming star discusses living the dream and training with the best.

by Zach Dominello

I was lucky enough to catch Benny Factor live when he was in town for the UPW Paragon show at the Beenleigh Tavern. Benny played the role of arrogant heel like it was second nature, drawing comparisons (by me) to an early Chris Jericho. After having the opportunity to talk with the man, arrogant couldn’t be a more inaccurate way to describe him. We talked about his love of pro-wrestling, training with some of the most talented stars in the business, and what’s next for the young star.

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