Kingdom Come: The Wrestle Kingdom 10 Preview Series: The Champion vs. The Ace (Wrestling Observer Exclusive)

This match! This rivalry! Where do I even begin? How about with a fun fact, and we’ll see what happens from there? Wrestle Kingdom 10 marks the 7th time Okada and Tanahashi will have faced each other for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. They are currently tied with three wins a piece. Tanahashi got the last, tear inducing win over Okada earlier this year at Wrestle Kingdom 9. In a way, you can think of their next match as the final in a very long “Best of Seven Series” which started in 2012 and ends, assumedly, in 2016. Another fun fact is that Wrestle Kingdom 10 will be Tanahashi’s 6th straight Tokyo Dome main event (3rd against Okada). What’s even more impressive is that he’s 5 for 5! If this were NBA Jam, he’d be “on fire.”

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NJPW SHORTxSHORT #19: Girl Talk Part II: Girler Talk

Welcome, Puropals, to another NJPW World SHORT x SHORT recap. Regularly on NJPW World, a short video, usually one or two minutes, is released which shows us a glimpse of what New Japan’s stars (more recently Young Lions) are up to outside the ring. Episode #019 can be found here (NJPW World Subscribers Only).

On the last SHORTxSHORT, Young Lions Sho Tanaka and Yohei Komatsu sat down for some girl talk, as in they talked about girls. This week, the girl talk continues, and it gets even girler.

Screencap wise, this was not a very exciting video. For the entire time, Komatsu and Tanaka are just sitting in the dojo talking about girls and relationships, and at the end, Tanahashi makes his usual cameo.

However, the details of the conversation are a little more interesting. The conversation mostly focuses on Tanaka and his ideas about relationships, with Komatsu skillfully making things weird at the end. Like, Johnny Curtis weird.

First, Tanaka lists off a couple more characteristics he likes in a girl, which are common sense and beautiful writing. Geez, getting a bit specific there, Tanaka. And the beautiful writing, I assume he means handwriting, rules me right out.

Komatsu then asks Tanaka how long it’s been since he’s been in a relationship. Tanaka says he hasn’t had any girfriends since university. Tanaka is about 25 years old now, so I’d say it’s been a few years at least since he’s been in a relationship. Not sure if that’s sad or if I’m envious. Married life. Am I right, guys?

Now, I’m not sure if they mention this or if it’s my wife’s opinion, but she used the phrase “Herbivore Boy” regarding Sho Tanaka. Herbivore Men was a buzzword in Japan around 2008-2009. It’s used to describe a cultural phenomenon in Japan in which men are not interested in girlfriends or relationships. Tanaka seems to fall into that category. It’s apparently even been attributed to Japan’s declining birth rate. Interesting stuff.

Moving on, Tanaka then compares getting a girlfriend to a game. Specifically, it’s like the boss stage of a game. I guess the girlfriend is the boss character. That makes Tanaka the game’s main character. That means…ok I’m lost on this analogy. Any help?

Finally, in fantastic “let’s make things weird” fashion, Komatsu then says that he thinks Tanaka is “big.” Um, I’ll let you interpret that in whichever way you deem appropriate.

It’s his penis.

Oh yeah, then Tanahashi makes a cameo. It’s interesting how both guys stood up for Tanahashi when he entered the room. Some traditions are still going strong. 

On that note, in lieu of interesting screencaps from this episode, here’s some more great artwork from the ever talented (and demanding) Tapla.

Sorry for any bad spelling this week. I posted this on my phone as I’m currently holidaying without my computer.

J-Shoot Podcast Episode 18: Pretend Villain

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  • This week, Bonski reveals his true identity, we come up with codenames for our favourite puroresu videos uploader, we review New Japan Cup 2015 and give our predictions for the finals on March 15th, we cover some recent Dragon Gate shows and talk about Uhaa Nation’s incredibly emotional graduation. And lots more, including the amazing Grocery Store Deathmatch recommended by Bonski.


  • Understanding my penchant for comedy matches, Bonski suggested I check out Suzuki Minoru vs. MechaMummy, and the rematch. I’m going to watch them this week and then we’ll discuss on the next show. If you haven’t seen them either, check ’em out!


  • No NJPW World recommendations this week. Usually if it’s a busy New Japan week with shows (NJ Cup), we just recommend checking them out. But I do suggest you check out the NJPW World SHORT x SHORT series which I’ve been covering here. They’re pretty fantastic.

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Toru Yano: King Of Pins – And Other Things I Liked About The First Round Of The New Japan Cup

Hey there, puropals! No big, detailed New Japan Cup report here. There’s a million places you can go to read one of those. I just want to talk about a couple of few things I liked from the first round of the New Japan Cup.

All videos courtesy of SenorLARIATO, who is, as they say, the man!

Toru Yano: King of Pins

In one of the biggest surprises of the night, Toru Yano defeated former IWGP Heavyweight Champion and Ace of the world Hiroshi Tanahashi in under five minutes. Even more surprising is that my prediction from last week’s J-Shoot came true. Well, the first part anyway. I predicted Yano would defeat Tanahashi and go on to win the Cup. So far so good. While it was a surprise, upset win, it shouldn’t come as total shock. Yano does have a pretty good track record in tournaments. In last year’s G1 he defeated quite a few tope names. Still, defeating Tanahashi with relative ease (and some great Yano cheating) is a pretty big deal. It wasn’t just the win that I enjoyed. I loved Yano pinning prowess during this match. He turned almost every Tanahashi maneuver into a pin attempt. All that marathon running must be paying off.

Tetsuya Naito: King of Unnecessary Bumps

Tetsuya Naito took one heck of a beating from Anderson in one of the more enjoyable matches of the night. Naito’s selling made Anderson look like a monster. In fact, Naito sold almost too well at one point when he landed right on the back of his head after running dropkick from Anderson.

You can see Naito expertly getting his arms into position just in time to cushion the impact. But even so, how he did not break his neck I do not know.

Another great spot in this match, and one of my favourite moves of the night, was when Anderson countered a top rope frankensteiner into the world’s biggest powerbomb.

In the end, Naito won the match, but my lord did he take some punishment to do so.

Bad Luck Fall

Honestly, I barely paid attention to this match. Okada is great, and Fale is incrementally improving as the monster of New Japan, but I just had very little interest in seeing these two go at it again. I’m only including this match here because I love Bad Luck Fale’s finisher.


I want this shirt right now!!!

Honma of course lost his first round match against Togi Makabe because losing matches is what Honma is here to do. That doesn’t stop him from always putting on an excellent performance and getting some of the best crowd reactions of the night. My favourite Honma moment of the match was his successive running Kokeshis into Makabe, and his joy when he successfully hits the move.

In true Honma fashion, he also missed his fair share of Kokeshi attempts. The most interesting being a crazy running corner Kokeshi. I like that he’s always trying Kokeshi variations, whether they work out or not.

All The Way Ibushi

The last thing I’d like to mention is Ibushi’s win over Gallows. I was worried going into the Cup that we’d have another strong Bullet Club showing. Thinks to Naito and Ibushi (BUT NOT YOU, OKADA!), both Anderson and Gallows are out. With two of the favourites, Okada and Tanahashi also out, the next round of the Cup just got very interesting. I know I jokingly said on J-Shoot that Yano’s going all the way, I’m actually putting my hat in with Ibushi, who I actually really want to see win the Cup and get a IWGP Heavyweight title shot against AJ Styles. I am not one of those who say Ibushi needs a long, slow push. I wanted him to go over Nakamura at WK9. A New Japan Cup win and a title shot would be a great accomplishment for the former super jr. Also, I just want to see Styles vs Ibushi really bad.

NJPW World SHORT x SHORT 009: Sho Tanaka and the Sinister Soup

If you enjoyed watching Yohei Komatsu’s adventures in sweeping in NJPW SHORT x SHORT 008, then you’re in for a tasty treat with episode 009.

Episode 009 follows Young Lion Sho Tanaka as he is preparing the world’s largest pot of soup. A taste test reveals Tanaka must have gone a little crazy with the salt. Tanaka spends the next minute watering down the soup in the most monotonous manner imaginable. It’s delightful. Just after the two-minute mark, a favourable shirtless Yohei Komatsu makes a cameo and tastes Tanaka’s saline soup. He nearly dies. After what looks like a long day at the office, Hiroshi Tanahashi arrives sporting a white business shirt and tie. Tanaka serves up the giant pot of soup (all for Tanahashi?).

Does Tanahashi enjoy the soup? Will Tanaka become the King of Culinary? Will Yohei Komatsu find his shirt? Watch NJPW SHORT x SHORT 009 to find out!

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