Delayed Doom: My favourite Kind of Doom

I’ve recently discovered that I’m really drawn to a particular type of move in wresting that I’ve taken to calling Delayed Doom. I was going to call it Delayed Death, but that feels a little dark. Delayed Doom is a style of move where the wrestler holds their opponent in a position which they can’t move or escape the move before finishing them off. There are usually a few seconds where the opponent is just waiting for the trigger to be pulled before they’re slammed into oblivion. Delayed Doom.

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Discussion: Should AJ Styles Stop Using the Styles Clash?

Kazarian, Roderick Strong, Lionheart, Yoshitatsu. These are the names of wrestlers who in recent years have been hurt by the Styles Clash. Lion heart and Yoshitatsu the more serious of the two, suffering broken necks and near paralysis after taking the move badly. Lionheart is yet to return to the ring after suffering the horrendous injury.

There’s been some discussion about whether Styles should stop using the manoeuvre, and there a valid points to both sides of the argument. The obvious reason for Styles to stop using the move is that it is too dangerous and has caused too many serious injuries. Though it seems like a simple move to take, it does require the person taking the move to unnaturally not tuck their head. In most cases a wrestler will tuck their head before impact, but the Styles Clash requires the wrestler to do nothing, to just go with it, or if anything, turn their head up as if they were doing a backflip. So despite being a simple move to take, it does go against a wrestlers natural instinct, and that’s when people get interested. Roderick Strong said himself when asked why he tucked his head that he just did it. He didn’t think about it, it was just instinct.

Those against Styles stopping using the move also have some good points. AJ┬áStyles has been using the move for a very long time, at least 10 years. It’s only been fairly recently that people have started getting hurt. Michelle McCool used the same move on a bunch WWE Divas, who were far less experienced than say Roderick Strong or Kazarian, and none of them were injured. Hiroshi Tanahashi has been using the move for the past couple of years without any issues either.

So the question remains, should AJ Styles stop using the Styles Clash? Share your thoughts.