The Good Parts of WWE Raw September 29

In the spirit of positivity, and the spirit of not having enough time to do a full analysis of a wrestling show, I present to you The Good Parts* of WWE Raw.

*The Good Parts may not be good.

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The Best Good Part: RAW is Ambrose

Dean Ambrose supports the “chicks” (by @WrasslorMonkey)

Week after week (when he’s not off filming movies) Dean Ambrose’s stock is getting higher and higher. Raw in Chicago was all Dean Ambrose. On the mic, he was miles ahead of everyone else. His promo in the ring in which he gave away the free merch to the crowd and belittled the Stooges 2.0 was wonderful. In the ring, well, he didn’t do that much in the ring. Come to think of it, he hasn’t done that much in the ring for quite a while now. I can’t remember if I actually enjoy him as a wrestler or just as a fun, wild character. Usually Dean Ambrose in action means Dean Ambrose fighting around the arena and jumping off things and almost missing but just connecting his intended target. This week he was involved in an actual match that took place inside the ring, tagging with John Cena against Randy Orton and Kane. However, it was Cena who spent most of the match in the ring while Ambrose waited for the hot tag. But when he got it, he was on fire…for about 1 minute. When it looked like Ambrose had the match won with Dirty Deeds on Orton, Seth Rollins came in and caused the DQ. For the 1 minute that he actually wrestled, he was great. After the bell Rollins curb stomped Cena and Ambrose to death. Even though Ambrose ended the night staring at the lights, it was still his show. Ambrose showed that he can kill it on the mic and be entertaining in the ring.
Ambrose was the highlight of the night. His mic work reminded me of Jericho in the early days of his WWF career. Not in crudeness, but in quick wit and humorous lines. The best of which was when he referred to the Stooges 2.0, Noble and Mercury, as the “cruiserweight division’ sent out retrieve Rollins’ briefcase. That’s possibly the funniest line I’ve heard on WWE TV in months, unlike the vibrating briefcase gag. Just leave it to the pros next time.
The Nickelodeon moment was pretty good too.

The IC Title Situation

Ziggler defended his IC title against the Miz and Cesaro in a triple threat match. This was the match of the night. All three guys worked together really well and even hit a couple of innovative spots. Of course, the of the match was the world’s greatest stunt double, Damien Mizdow. His selling of the Miz’s leg after the match was to die for.

Also, this move:

Professional Wrestling. (by @WrasslorMonkey)

Bray Wyatt says something and I think I understood what he meant.

Vignettes aired during the show of Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. The gist is that Harper is leaving his sheep masked buddy behind and about to begin his singles push. The best part about it was that Bray Wyatt actually and got to say something that had a point and a purpose. Not just charismatic ramblings. A coherent Wyatt is a good Wyatt. Also, Luke Harper singles push. Yes, please!

Gator Roll

Yes, I’m classing Hornswoggle the leprechaun in a crocodile (alligator?) costume delivering a gator roll on Torito as a good part. Any segment involving wrestlers in bull/crocodile/bunny costumes is a good segment to me.

Fat Guy in a Little Coat, Normal Sized Guy in a Normal Sized Jacket

Seth Rollins vs. A Jacket

The Good Parts of WWE This Week

The WWE product is not great at the moment. The past month or so has been abhorred. That’s no secret. Raw is an excruciating three-hour experience. The stories haven’t been up to par. The matches (for the most part), when compared with New Japan, Dragon Gate, ROH, Evolve, Chikara, just haven’t been that exciting – Cesaro/Sheamus at NOC excluded. They’ve had some bad luck with talent injuries. Bryan’s still out. Reigns is out. Jericho’s back to promoting his book and touring with his band. Not that his recent run really made much of an impact. He had some good matches, but what were the ramifications. Who did he held get over? Wyatt has done nothing since their feud. He had a good, straightforward wrestling match with Orton which led to…hmmm.

Oh dear, I’ve already digressed from what I intended to do with this column. THE GOOD PARTS. Even though things aren’t great, and WWE is a giant stinky turd, if you dig deep into that turd, you can find yourself some hidden gems. Slightly turd covered, but still very valuable. In this column my aim is to highlight the good. Point out the parts that made me laugh, or reminded that the WWE product isn’t all bad stories and stale wrestling.

And now, the good parts:

Night of Champions

Sheamus and Cesaro watched the G1.

Sheamus vs. Cesaro was easily the best match at NOC. It was a classic New Japan style match that would have fit perfectly in the recent G1 tournament. It had great back and forth action, brutal shots, but nothing too stiff. Some innovation, moves we don’t see too often in WWE. Best of all, it showed two wrestlers having an awesome match, but also getting their characters across in that match. They didn’t need a 15 minute promo to explain their motivations. They did it between the ropes and by letting their wrestling do the talking. More matches like this, please!


Magic Dean

Dean Ambrose was gone all of two minutes to film his WWE film, “Lockdown.” Is he the star of the film or did he just film one scene? It sure didn’t take long. Anyway, he returned at NOC and did what he does best, attack Seth Rollins. It’s great to see him back. He’s the best thing going on the main event scene at the moment. But it would be great if he did more than just “jump off something, attack Seth Rollins and fight in crowd.” It was fun the first twenty or thirty times, but it’s time they did something more.
Anywho, on Raw, Ambrose when nuts on Rollins like he is want to do, but ended up getting locked away in a room in the backstage area of the arena. HHH and Steph ordered security to keep watch and make sure he doesn’t leave the room. I liked Steph’s mention of how whenever they kick someone out of the arena, they always come back. Locking Dean away solves that problem. Or does it? At the end of the show, Dean pops up from under what was supposed to be a stack of cinderblocks that were going to be used by Rollins to stomp in Cena’s head. How did Dean get there? Magic? It makes no logical sense, but it was a lot of fun to watch. Watching Dean find new things to hide in and jump out of to attack Rollins is one of my favourite things.

Usagi Yojimbo

The Bunny has officially become the most entertaining part about Adam Rose. Rose was a character with a pretty low ceiling as far as character development could go. WWE seems to have given up on making him anything more than a ring entrance. Just because the ceiling is low, it doesn’t mean you can’t still reach for it. And if you do reach it, why not try breaking through it. What’s the worst that could happen. Since coming up from NXT, Adam Rose has gone nowhere. I know nothing about him except that he likes red lollipops and has weird friends. His character has not shown any signs of development. The Bunny on the other hand, has. He(?)’s gone from one of Rose’s entourage, to showing a bit of personality, to getting involved in matches, to developing a move set involving some sweet spin kicks, and most of all has a direction. He’s a mischievous Bunny who likes to annoy the hell out of Slater Gator. It’s not much, but the Bunny’s character already has more focus than Rose’s, and it can’t even speak.

Who IS this masked man? (by @WrasslorMonkey)

Damien Mizdow

Damien Sandow is a better Miz than the Miz. He’s the best part of the Miz/Ziggler feud. Not that it’s a bad feud. Their match on Raw was really good, but Sandow’s involvement makes it all so much more fun to watch. The way he copies Miz’s moves while alone on the outside of the ring is priceless. I have no idea where it’s going or how much longer it will last, but Damien Mizdow is fantastic!

Main Event

Sad Henry

Seriously, WWE. Stop giving Kane all the movie roles. Mark Henry is the best actor in the WWE. On Main Event, Mark Henry began to turn on the WWE Universe, blaming them for encouraging him to fight Rusev even though they knew Henry was hurt. Henry came out in one of his fancy suits and read a statement to the audience from a piece of paper. Henry’s delivery was golden. Big Show came out, and instead of the expected altercation – the end of their Big-Bromance, Big Show consoled his friend and vowed that Rusev would get his.
Seriously, when did Henry get so good on the mic? And whose idea was it to create storyline that is logical? I thank whoever that is.


There you go, see? It ain’t all bad, is it? Let me know what you think are the Good Parts (or Bad) on twitter @TheKoalaMask

The Best (GIFS) of WWE Smackdown! 2-14

Antonio Cesaro European Uppercuts Randy Orton to death. 

Orton and Cesaro put on a great match in Smackdown’s main event. Cesaro got the surprise win over Orton with the Neutralizer. That’s got to be the biggest win in his WWE career so far.