Wrestling Observer Exclusive: How to Lose Fans and Alienate People

Do you ever get the feeling that WWE just does not give a s**t anymore? Like they’ve reached some celestial level in the wrestling business where they can do whatever they want and their business will be fine?

Well, it’s because they basically have. Take the current booking of Jinder Mahal for example. One day he’s jobbing to the stars, next thing you know he’s main eventing a “PPV” and challenging for the WWE title because WWE suddenly remembered there’s a huge market in India. It’s booking at its worst. It’s booking that puts business first, and logical storytelling last.

But will it affect Network subscriber numbers? Nope. Will it lead to poor attendance at live shows? Nope? In fact, Backlash, the show being headlined by Mahal and Randy Orton, is already close to sold out. It was nearly sold out before any matches had even been announced.

It’s dangerous territory when a company believes themselves to be infallible. But there does come a point for some fans where enough is enough. I talked with some wrestling fans who’ve reached that point with the goal of finding out exactly what it takes for a wrestling promotion to drive away its fans. As it turns out, there are a couple of common factors.

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It’s Better If You Support This: Muscle Temple

Muscle Temple is a team of pro cartoonists and animators who are making a printed collection of wrestling comics. And if the Muscle Temple tumblr is anything to go by, it’s going to be one amazing book.

The project is currently funding on Kickstarter. As of this moment, they’ve just reached their goal with only a couple of days to spare, but it’s not too late to show your support. There are some great rewards at a number of tiers, the standout being the opportunity to be superkicked by the Young Bucks (which is already taken, but there are plenty of other great rewards left).

Speaking of the Young Bucks, pro wrestlers and fans alike are pumped for this book, as they, and you, should be. Folks like Xavier Woods, Sheamus, Kalisto, Wade Barrett, Team Tremendous, Chuck Taylor, and Trent! have all tweeted their support.

The book will be about 60 pages of weird and wonderful comics and illustrations by a group of super talented creators. Visit the kickstarter page to see who’s involved.

Wrestling and comics, the greatest of mixed genre tag teams! What else do you need? Well, besides water and food, nothing!

Tyler said he’d do a push-up for every re-tweet that Muscle Temple received. He got over 60 retweets! But can he do it? Does he need the help of a tag-team partner? Watch the video and make sure his efforts aren’t in vain and BACK THE MUSCLE TEMPLE WRESTLING COMIC KICKSTARTER NOW!

2014 Submission Maneuver of the Year

I can’t believe I forgot to include this in the 2014 Koala Mask Awards!!!

What you are seeing above is DJ Nira defeating Super Sasadango Machine and Antonio Honda in a 3-Way match at DDT Wrestle Koyama Hotei on September 21st 2014. Antonio Honda is the one in the corner punching himself in the genitals. DDT everyone!

The reason such an unconventional submission maneuver was so successful in the match was because the leg of Super Sasadango machine had been “hurt” earlier in the match. That’s about as much explanation as you’ll get.

J-Shoot Episode 7: A Brave New Japan World Show Notes

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-On this week’s show I talk about NJPW World, the NJPW World Tag League, broken necks, and a new feature Wrestle Kingdom Rewind, where I  count down to Wrestle Kingdom 9 and take a look at the history of the January 4th Tokyo Dome tradition.

-You can read my article about Minoru Suzuki and how great he is here.

-You can read my article about Kota Ibushi and the future of New Japan here.

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Keep Calm and Strong Style3

-Have you heard? All the cool kids are being the wind these days. You can be the wind too! All you have to do is BO-LIEVE?

NJPW World Is a Go!

It’s a brave new world.  WWE did it first with the WWE Network (well, UFC did it first really, but I’m talking about pro graps!), New Japan has been pretty quick to follow with NJPW World.

NJPW World launched today, December 1st 2014, and it’s basically the same as the WWE Network, except everything is in Japanese, most importantly the wrestling, and Google Translate is hilarious.  The website is www.njpwworld.com.

NJPW World is New Japan’s version of the WWE Network. It costs ¥999 (sounds familiar) a month, and basically includes every New Japan live show, even the upcoming Wrestle Kingdom 9 from the Tokyo Dome on January 4th, the following night’s show, and the Fantasticamania events.

There’s a whole bunch of archived content, including classic matches and full events dating back to 1972. I’m watching Wrestle Kingdom 1 as I write this. The video quality is really great, though I do notice that the entrances and music have been cut out of this show. Not sure if it’s like that with other shows.

Signing up is very easy, though if you can’t read Japanese, I’d recommend using Google Chrome so that you can translate the pages to English. Once that’s done, it’s super quick and easy. Navigating the site is a bit of an adventure, as not all the menus can be translated to English, so it’s a bit of a guessing game, albeit a fun one.

I’m not sure how old Slap Nuts Double J and GFW feel about Wrestle Kingdom 9 streaming live. It’s hard to say at this stage if it will have an effect on GFW’s PPV numbers. There’s always the worry that the live stream could go down, so buying the PPV would be a safe bet. Plus the GFW version has the added bonus of English commentary.

Hopefully they come out with an app at some stage similar to the WWE app, rather than just a website.

Anywho, enough writing! I’ve got 40 plus years of New Japan Pro Wrestling to catch up on. I can’t wait! If I had a social life, this is the part where I would say my farewells to it.