Wrestling Observer Exclusive: How to Lose Fans and Alienate People

Do you ever get the feeling that WWE just does not give a s**t anymore? Like they’ve reached some celestial level in the wrestling business where they can do whatever they want and their business will be fine?

Well, it’s because they basically have. Take the current booking of Jinder Mahal for example. One day he’s jobbing to the stars, next thing you know he’s main eventing a “PPV” and challenging for the WWE title because WWE suddenly remembered there’s a huge market in India. It’s booking at its worst. It’s booking that puts business first, and logical storytelling last.

But will it affect Network subscriber numbers? Nope. Will it lead to poor attendance at live shows? Nope? In fact, Backlash, the show being headlined by Mahal and Randy Orton, is already close to sold out. It was nearly sold out before any matches had even been announced.

It’s dangerous territory when a company believes themselves to be infallible. But there does come a point for some fans where enough is enough. I talked with some wrestling fans who’ve reached that point with the goal of finding out exactly what it takes for a wrestling promotion to drive away its fans. As it turns out, there are a couple of common factors.

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Wrestling Observer Exclusive: Making a Monster – The Lucha Underground Debut of Matanza

After a 2 season build, The Monster Matanza Cueto finally debuted on Lucha Underground! And he did not disappoint. Lucha Underground shows that the art of the debut is not lost, though if you watch WWE you might think it was.

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